We care about the environment. And we don’t want our products to harm the planet. But we also will not compromise on quality. This is why we choose Interpon powder coatings from Akzo Nobel for coloring all QUALISYS products. Interpon D powders have been developed in an environmentally sustainable way. They meet all the major architectural quality standards (including AAMA, Qualicoat Class 2). 

Interpon D powders are available in an extensive range of appearances which span durable to hyper durable finishes. They enhance the beauty and longevity of the world’s building, whatever the location and climate. And also with anodic colors, instead of chemical anodization process, we use powder coatings from Interpon Collection Anodic for exclusive metallic effect finishes.

Metallic White

Metallic Anthracit Gray

Metallic Brown

Metallic Red

Metallic Silver Gray

Metallic Light Black

Anodic Gold I

Anodic Silver Gray

Metallic Dark Gray

Metallic Beige I

Metallic Beige II

Metallic Beige III

Metallic Black

Metallic Maroon

Metallic Light Maroon

Metallic Orange Light

Steel Blue Platinum

Metallic Bronze

Anodic Gold II

Metallic Black Sable

We have made every effort to make the colors and finishes on this page as close as possible to the colors and finishes of the products you will use. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match in colors and finishes of the images. The representation of colors, gloss levels, metallic effects, and textures are limited by technology and may vary due to your screen settings. Please contact our team members for real color samples before purchasing your product.